First Impressions | Hard Candy Strobing Drops & MAC Strobe Cream

One of the things I learned when I started my journey on beauty and skin care products is that always get a sample size of high end products, if they are available. Why is that? Simple, you can try out the product before buying a much more expensive full size bottle or tube. 

Here is the Hard Candy Strobing Drops (left swatch, $8) and the MAC Strobe Cream (right swatch, $33). What these two claim to do is to create a glow from within. if you know me by heart, I like a fresh and glowing skin. It just gives your complextion dimension versus being flat. You can use this alone, under your foundation or mix it. The Hard Candy one is a little more "runny" per se, while MAC has a thicker consistency. 

When blended, Hard Candy delivers more of a pearly luminosity and MAC has a slight pink tint to its pearly sheen. I have used both and did not see a difference, unless used on its own as you will notice the hints of luminosity mentioned above. when mixed with foundation or tinted moisturizer or bb cream - they produce the same results, in my opinion. So, bottom line comes down to what your favorite brand is and/or the price.