Welcome to Happy Hour 24/7!  To those of you who have subscribed before 2015, this blog came in many forms and titles such as "Glass Half Full", "The Brown Eyed Perspective",  "In Her Shoes" and "The Red Couch".  It started out as a daily blog then it became a lifestyle blog.  I have tried to revamp and gave this blog a breath of fresh air but whether it was time or content, the inspiration was just not the same. So let's try this again, shall we?

I love many things and have a variety of interests.  A few them will be the focus of this blog: positive living, health, lifestyle, beauty and skincare.  These things add happiness to my life and it makes me even more comfortable in my own skin.  I feel that happiness is such a big part of our journey in life and it is important and express it in many ways.  So, HAPPY HOUR 24/7, is about finding that happy place - whatever that means to each of us. To me, that means finding small and big things that make me happy, and the most important thing is that - being able to share the joys - including makeup!  Life is too short to be talking about problems and complaints.  Remember, every hour is happy hour! 

P.S. Let's interact, collaborate and share our joys!

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