Product Review | Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder

Yaasss Giiirrrlll!! This is what I say every time I covet a highlighter, or in this case, highlighters! I first heard of Gerard Cosmetics from one of my favorite YouTube Beauty Vlogger, @whatwouldlizzydo, sometime in 2015. Why I waited so long to check this brand out, but I am glad I did. The Star Powders are named after the iconic women in Hollywood. 

These highlighters are beautiful and looks flattering on any skin tone. The powder is soft, creamy and easy to apply on the cheeks. When I swatched it on my arm, some of the powders were chalky specifically Marilyn and Grace, but Brigitte and Audrey were flawless. I was afraid it would apply the same on my cheeks, but as mentioned, they are smooth and easy to apply. 

The packaging is a very sleek gold casing with the brand's initials on it in a large but thin font, which balances out the gold bling and the branding as to not overwhelm one or the other. There is also another layer of protective hard clear plastic that protects the actual powder. Last but not least, one of the best things about Gerard Cosmetics is CUSTOMER SERVICE! One of my Star Powder (Lucy) came in shattered. I e-mailed the help desk and within an hour (mind you, this was at 6PM) my e-mail was answered and my new Star Powder is in process of being re-shipped! BOOM! These retail for $36 a piece, but I purchased them with the code STAR15 and got each powder for $15. Double BOOM!