Product Review | L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Medium

I remember talking about this in my old YouTube vids and I believe it was on one of my monthly favorites. This product claims to be a multi-tasking beautifier that accomplishes the following on the skin: 1. hydrates, 2. corrects, 3. evens and 4. perfects. It comes in four shades (fair, light, medium and light) that immediately transforms to match your skin tone, for a flawless and natural finish. This is not your typical BB cream. This has micro beads infused with ultra-light lotion, antioxidants and Vitamins C and E.

I re-discovered this product due to my most recent trip outside of the country where the weather was hot and humid. I wanted something to use that will make me look like I am not wearing anything on my face but also one that made my skin hydrated. In my opinion, it really did make me look like I had a bare face, kept it hydrated and matte at the same time. Since this product has encapsulated beads, it needs to be blended out using your fingers first, then with a beauty blender (this is what I used) or brush, to spread and even out the product on your face. 

One thing I noticed, when I used a matte primer (which is your best bet for hot and humid weather), it was harder to blend since this product seems to also dry as matte. I have a normal skin type so if you have oily skin, the combination of a matte primer and this BB Cream will work out just fine. If you have my skin type, pair this product with a silicone-based or a non-matte primer. After applying this, I use a baked powder all over my face to set it and I am good to go.