Product Review | Mermaid Oval Brush Set

Hype or A Must Have? If I did my research right, MAC released the first Oval 6 brush in 2013 ($42). Earlier in 2016 (or maybe late 2015), Artis Brushes released their full set of Oval brushes. They came in different brush collections and the most basic one from Artis is the Elite Smoke Collection costs an arm and a leg ($355). While I can say, "Yaaasss Giirrll", I also say, "Heeelll nnaaww giiirrll"! That is not an Apple  product! I am sure the Artis brushes are phenomenal, just way too steep for me. 

In March, I originally purchased a set of 10 of the black handle Oval Brushes made by a brand called Mermaid ($129) from a local beauty store, near my favorite ramen place (food + beauty store = perfection). When I found out they released the rose gold handle brushes, I exchanged them since I was still within the 30 day exchange policy. 

These oval brushes are multi-purpose. Ideally, you can use them however you want. There are different paddle sizes for powder and liquid products for the face and smaller ones with different bristle shapes and density for liquid, powder, cream or lip products. They have soft bristles but they are short, packed and extremely dense, especially those designed to be used on the face. The handles are also sturdy.  I have to say, these brushes are good for blending out foundation and any other liquid products for the face. It distributes the product evenly due to the density of the synthetic bristles. Because of their oval shape, it covers the entire face pretty quickly. The small brushes are good for contouring purposes, such as a chisel brush for sides of the nose or apply concealer (not blending). I have not used the smaller bruses to line my eyes or to put on lip gloss, and probably never will. 

I think the oval brushes are not necessarily a hype because it really does perform well but I also think it is not a must have. Lately, I have seen them on Amazon between $30 - $100 for set of 10 brushes (not the Artis brand), so if you'd like to try them without paying an obnoxious price, purchase one from Amazon.