Product Review | Lorac PoreFection Baked Perfecting Powder

Lorac claims that with POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder ($33) will create a silky-smooth, poreless-looking finish on your skin. This non-drying, fragrance and paraben free formula is infused with Salicylic Acid and antioxidants to help skin appear youthful, healthy and clear. Refine with poreless technology that's good for all skin types, including sensitive, oily, and acne prone skin. Get a flawless, smooth matte finish and achieve complexion POREfection with LORAC!

My HG (holy grail) face powder is Sephora's Microsmooth Baked Powder ($22). I have been using it since 2012.  My nightmare is finding a great products and use it for years and they discontinue it. It has happened to me before so every now and then I try out a few baked powders to see if any thing else out there works the way Sephora does for my skin. So I purchased this from Ulta on sale ($16.50, thanks to many birthday gift cards) so I can try it. The packaging is very nice and sleek. The compact casing is very sturdy. It contains 9g of products which is a good amount. I got this in the color Medium Tan (4.5), which matches perfectly with my skin tone. I was afraid it looked lighter but applied on the skin, it is a match made in heaven. Sometimes it is hard to match colors and shades when shopping online. 

Honestly, with the regular retail price and Lorac with its reputation for being a good high end brand, I am a little disappointed with this product. First, it is very powdery and has a lot of fall out. You can tell by the swatch on the back of my hand, the tail end of the swatch became patchy due to fall out. There is no way I would apply this on my face without tapping the excess off my brush (that's an extra step an impatient person like me gets annoyed with).  Second, when I used this to set my concealer, it was patchy underneath the eyes.  Granted, I did have a 10 hour work day but my Sephora powder does not move underneath my eyes or anywhere on my face when locked with a setting spray.  So I have only used this an an overall powder and it seems to work but nothing exceptional about it. Not worth $33, so I am kinda glad I only paid $16.50 for mine. I still have one more powder to try which is MAC's MSF Natural in Medium Tan.  Hopefully, that is more promising that this one since they now retail for the same price.