Product Review | Sigma Dry N Shape Tower

This claims to dry and shape makeup brushes faster than ever, including the most dense brushes. It holds 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes, total of 44 brushes, should you decide to dry all of your brushes together. 

The tower is made of plastic, rubber (pink grips for the brush handles) and elastic fabric (with its sigma logo to dry and shape your brushes). It is easy to use but it can be cumbersome to put each brush into the elastic and slide them up to the grips. But, nothing that cannot be done. 

I use this a little differently than what it says. I do the all that is required, but after an hour, I take the brushes out of the elastics, and let them air dry on the tower (see photo insert above). The first time I used this, it took a long time to dry my brushes because they were packed inside the elastics. This is why the added step works so well for me. The hour time is enough to shape the bristles. I like that you can collapse them and store them neatly. It is a space saver item. 

This product came out late in 2015. It retails for $49 plus shipping. This is not a must have, BUT, I find it very easy to use to dry my brushes. Instead of laying my brushes on the counter, I can just have all of them in one tower that does not take up a lot of space. If you decide to purchase it, it is a good investment. It is worth the money, or in my case, it is worth his money, since this was a surprise present from the honey sometime in January.