Product Review | Beauty Blender Nude

The Beauty Blender ($20, Sephora) changed the game of makeup application since its conception in 2003. But in 2012, Beauty Blender made its way up to every makeup artist's kit. I bought the original pink Beauty Blender in 2014. They now come in different colors such as nude (above), black and white.  This product guarantees effortless blending (through dabbing not dragging the product) in both large and small areas of the face. It elimates lines and streaks thus creating the perfect skin canvas after application. The sponge is super-plush, moisture loving and has minimal water retentention. 

I love the Beauty Blender. I rarely use a brush for any liquid makeup (except my oval brush every now and then). It really is effortless to use and the application is very even and natural on the skin. I also like that I can easily clean it on a daily basis compared to a brush. The sponge is soft and dense at the same time and last for 3-5 months before replacing it. I have tried other makeup sponges to compare it with, but nothing comes to be a close replacement. The Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is a good back up, but not as a replacement for this smart invention.