Product Review | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

It took me almost two years to purchase these Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush ($38, Sephora), but I do not regret doing so.  I have them in Luminous Flush (top swatch, a mid-tone pink) and Diffused Heat (bottom swatch, coral with a hint of pink). In my previous post a while back, I showed Mood Exposure. However, I returned it back to Sephora. It had more lighting powder swirl than the actual blush color so it did not show up on my cheeks at all.

Let me tell you a little bit what ambient lighting powders are (or what I think they are). Ambient lighting powders are the lighter swirls that you see on the blushes. They are the actual ambient lighting powder that Hourglass released prior to the blushes. What the lighting powder does is it creates an illuminating look on your face and it provides a soft focus thus making your skin more refined, in other words, perfection. Combined with the various pigments shade (and no blush is exactly alike due to being handmade), you are seriously in for a major glam bam without losing your natural glow! 

The Hourglass packaging is classic, with their mirrored muted gold casing. It is nice but it is a magnet for fingerprints, which can look messy at times. These blushes remind me a little bit of the baked blushes due to its natural finish and very luminous effect on the skin. But of course, these blushes take it to the notch by combining the ambient lighting powders for a seamless, soft-focus radiance with a touch of color. One may say I am crazy for paying $38 a piece, but in my opinion, they are worth it.