Product Review | Jeffree Star Skin Frost

Jeffree Star Cosmetics claims that "Our highlighting powder is extremely pigmented, so get ready to glow like a lighthouse! (Beauty tip: This product can be used on the face, eyes & body! Apply with a brush of your choice, and let yourself shine. A little goes a long way. This product can be used wet or dry, depending on your desired intensity.)" Their Skin Frost products ($29.99, Jeffree Star website or are Vegan.  They are cruelty talc free, paraben free and gluten free. It contains 15 grams of product.

This product is so popular that when it first released mid-May, it sold out so quickly. They did a restocking of the Skin Frost along with four new shades on August 11th, and that, too, was a huge hit. Thank goodness I was able to snag a couple this time around. The processing took about 3-5 days due to the high demand of the products, however, since I live about 10 minutes away from where it actually ships, I received mine two days after it shipped. They were packaged individually and very carefully, which I loved. As you can see, the pink box is very pretty and the products are very large. 

They are pretty online as they are in person, probably even more beautiful. These powders do not have fall out. They are creamy, smooth, finely milled and pressed on very tightly.  They apply smoothly on the face/cheeks and they are easy to blend. They are highly pigmented so definitely go with a light hand, unless you want to phone ET home, then have at it. I think these highlighters are definitely worth the price. 

Swatched: Peach Goddess (Top) and King Tut (Bottom)