Product Review | Kiko Milano Purifying Liquid

Kiko Milano Purifying Liquid ($19, Kiko Milano Website) : The week leading the Memorial Day weekend Kiko Milano was having a sale on their online store plus an extra 30% so when I saw this product, I clicked on "Add To Cart" faster than lightning. What this claims to do is to provide a quick changing action to reduce blemish, especially on oily and acne prone skin. Neither of those are my skin type, so why buy this product, right? Well, there are also the purifying and exfoliating factors so that sold me, plus did I say it was on sale, plus extra 30%?! 

Every now and then when I am stressed or just plainly having an overly busy or hectic schedule, my skin goes through a minor breakout. Nothing too crazy, maybe one or two small pimple here and there. I thought this would be a good product to clarify my skin in an instant. Aaanndd.... yaasss giirrlll!! Mama's face is pimple free. Buuttt... I learned my lesson. Due to my skin type, I realized this is not an every day product for me. I was doing the treatment and prevention routine with this product but with my normal skin, this is just mainly treatment, and stop use once face is clear which was literally the next day. As mentioned above, this is geared for blemish, acne and oily prone skin so this product left me with some dry patches due to overuse. 

Overall, this is really a good product, just not meant for every day use for my skin type but I will definitely use it when I have breakouts. I recommend it to people who have frequent breakouts. Luckily, the Kiko Instant Perfection Fluid (review to come later) combined with Argan Oil restored my skin to its normal condition.