Product Review | MAC Mineralize Blush

MAC Mineralize Blush ($27). For years, I have envied those who were able to use MAC products. Somehow, back in the day, I was allergic to their blushes. Fast forward to 2015, I took a chance again and tried the Soft And Gentle MSF Highlighter. Boom! No skin irritations whatsoever. Maybe they changed the ingredients in their products, who knows, but I am a happy camper.

These blushes have baked minerals in them so you can lightly layer them on the skin and build them up to the intensity of your choice. They are lightweight and glides on very smoothly providing the cheeks/skin a luminous look. Because the baked minerals are so refined, the pearlized shimmer or sheen it leaves the skin does not look powdery or heavy. They are very pigmented, one of the more pigmented baked blushes I have ever come across. 

Swatched from top to bottom are (three swipes to show true color) : New Romance (Peach), Warm Soul (mid  tone Beige with Gold Pearl), Love Joy (warm mid tone Brown with Gold Pearl), Petal Power (Coral Pink with Gold shimmer), Gentle (Raspberry with Gold Pearl) and Love Thing (Dirty Burgandy with Gold Pearl). I love the variety of shades that can be used throughout the year. I love all the shades that I purchased but Warm Soul and Petal Power are my favorites.