Product Review | Sephora Beauty Amplifier Afterglow Primer and Luminizer

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Afterglow Primer & Luminizer ($16). 

To strobe or not to strobe is the question these days. Strobing products are on its peak like it's going out of style. Of course, I am all about natural skin glow so strobe away. Strobing products, luminizers or highlighters, whatever term you prefer to call them aims to leave the skin with radiance, luminosity and healthy sheen making the skin appear to be more alive, glowing, and perhaps, youthful. 

The price is a good mid range point, especially between Hard Candy Strobing Drops ($8) and MAC's Strobe Cream ($33). I like the consistency of this product. It is thicker than Hard Candy and MAC but it feels light on the skin. I also prefer that it has a champagne tint to it. I do not use this as a primer as the product also claims to be. I mostly use this as a luminizer after moisturizing my skin. With its champagne tint combined with my medium brown skin tone, it enhances the color of my skin and provides luminosity. 

This is perfect during the summer time to wear alone, if you have my skin tone or darker because it will make your skin glow without looking oily or too shiny. I would use a baked powder to set this luminizer on extremely hot days. This is perfect to use alone on gloomy days or during the winter time. I think this is a little too thick to mix with a foundation or bb cream, which I feel the Hard Candy and MAC strobing cream would be a very good use for.

 (Swatched: actual product on the left and blended on the skin, right).