Product Review | MAC Sheertone Blush

MAC Sheertone Blush ($22, MAC Stores and Online) : Now I know what the rage about MAC blushes are about. Not only do they have a wide selection of colors, they are pigmented, easy to apply, soft and finely milled. Their Sheertone blush line is no exception. 

Looking at the many blushes I own, I rarely have matte blushes. Ninety percent of them are baked and have a shimmer finish. The Sheertone line has satin finish, but overall, I like blushes with a slight sheen or shimmer (not glitter) because when light hits the apples of the cheeks, the radiant glow of the blush really shines through. 

I enjoy these blushes and are the perfect every day blush based on their finish. I am surprised that they have almost the same luminosity as the mineralized blush line.  Peachykeen is perfect for spring and summer. Margin is definitely a summer and/or early fall blush. Dollymix and Plum Foolery are nice fall and winter tones, but Dollymix would also be a great one for spring and summer. 

The Sheertone blushes are so light on the face but still provides a nice color to the cheeks. I feel that blushes that have sheen or shimmer adds dimension to the face, versus using a matte blush which can tend to make the face look flat and more mature. Shimmer finish blushes makes the skin look youthful, and that's exactly what these blushes do. 

Swatched (top to bottom, three swipes to show true color) : Peachykeen, Plum Foolery, Dollymix and Margin.