Product Review | Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge

Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge ($6.99, Morphe Website) : Morphe Brushes came out with their own beauty sponges, the Premium Beauty Sponge and the Flawless Beauty Sponge. The price point is on point, in my opinion. The only thing is that unless you live in the area, you are forced to buy this online and pay for shipping, which would end up costing more unless you are also placing an order for a bunch of Morphe Brushes and other items on their website. 
This is basically a beauty sponge, that functions like the  Beauty Blender, and maybe even be better.  I have said that the Beauty Blender will always be my go-to beauty sponge (and it has and it still is), but I still keep trying certain brands that I think can produce the same or a better quality. The sponge is a bright red color in person in the box. However, as you can see on the photo on the right, it has turned into a light pink color with some white areas of discoloration. The white parts feels a little bumpy too, than flat. Almost like a build up from either the soap or just from the material they used. It seems like they either did not put the red dye on evenly that discoloration happens after many washes. It also got me thinking on how much dye they put because the sponge still bleeds a little bit of color, and not from make up. 

For the quality of material, as you can see, there are various cuts or breaks on the sponge. I use warm water and organic soap product to wash my sponge. Now, I do not know about how often most people wash their sponges, but I wash mine every time I use it. So, the breaks or cuts may be due to that. I have very sensitive skin and do not want to risk any breakouts due to left over product on my sponge. I started using this product on October 1st and within two weeks, the sponge has started to deteriorate, but again, it may be due to the reason I stated above as I wash mine every single use.

In terms of product performance, I really like this sponge. I prefer this way better than the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, the orange one (although I just bought their Miracle Diamond Sponge so we will see how that works, too).  This blends almost like the  Beauty Blender. It is easy to hold due to the curved middle part of the sponge. I have only used this damp, and it is so easy to squeeze to get into the nooks and crannies of the face and it also easy to pounce the product.  Would I repurchase this product? I actually ordered two of these, so I will use the other one and see if there is a difference in terms of the discoloration on the sponge. If there is a difference (if the discoloration disappears), I will repurchase again.