Product Review | Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo ($42, Sephora) : This product features two shades that merge together so you can customize your color for a sexy, natural-looking glow. It claims to give the skin a dance-floor flush since it is infused with Japanese air powder to create the ultimate cheek look. It ultra-lightweight, radiant powder is nearly undetectable to the touch, and gives your skin a radiant finish. Air Blush is created using a process called soufflage (French for "air-whipped") for a silky-soft, cream-like texture that blends effortlessly with the complexion. Two glowing shades complement each other: the lighter shade highlights and the deeper shade contours. Customize your color by layering and blending as much as you desire to tailor your look for the occasion or the season. Air Blush delivers 24-hour blush wear, for glowing radiance from day to night (from Marc Jacobs/Sephora Website).

Aside from baked blushes, anything that's feather-light and almost undetectable are words that will get me to try out a blush and powder product. If you haven't noticed by now, I am a fan of lightweight products that has a lot of pigmentation leaving the skin or face with a natural radiance. Cake-face is not my style, even though I love makeup. So, this Marc Jacobs creation definitely made the "A-List". It is very pricey for a blush so I had to time it around my birthday to justify the need for this product. Since then, I have purchased two more.  Given the price point, I am not one to always recommend products that cost more than the average blush, but this is one of those items that I can say, go buy at least one shade.

All the foo-foo things said on the Sephora website about this product is true. It is very soft, cream, easy to apply and it is very light, almost undectable on the skin but the pigment is there. My first purchase was Flesh & Fantasy (middle compact). I specifically chose this color for the natural glow on the skin/cheeks that I like especially during the summer time. The lighter stripes are a subtle pigments that adds luminosity to the skin. You can definitely build up this product if you want a more intense application. On the other two blushes, the lighter gradients allows you to lessen the pigmentation or intensify them by using the darker gradients on the other end. 

The blushes featured are Flesh & Fantasy, Lines & Last Night and Night Fever & Hot Stuff.