Product Review | Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask ($12.40, StyleKorean.Com) 

According to their website, this product is packed with Charcoal Powder, this quirky carbonated mask cleanses, exfoliates, and unclogs pores. It bubbles as it sloughs off dead skin cells and lifts pore-clogging dirt and sebum. Its powerful nutrients also replenish the skin, softening and smoothing for a youthful glow. 

I purchased this product along with other Korean Skincare items from StyleKorean.Com. They are a company based in Korea, so shipping took about three weeks. If you want your products sooner, this may not be the website for you. Personally, I wanted to try quite a few products and was not looking for a replacement so I did not mind the wait time.  The prices are also very reasonable and they do have quite a bit of sale opportunities, which is good to save you a few bucks.

The packaging is made out of plastic, with a child-art looking design, which I thought was cute. I was drawn to this product since K Beauty has been on the rise as of late but I have been insanely curious about the "carbonated" aspect of this mask, as seen on many Instagram posts and YouTube videos. 

I really like this carbonated mask. It has 100g of product, which is a very decent size. A little goes a long way with this. It comes with a mini spatula so you can spread the product evenly on your face. If you do not like any tingling sensation on your face, you will not like this mask. It only takes a few seconds for the bubbles to surface and you will feel it as it rises. It really does feel like your giving your face a bubble bath. It is easy to apply and to wash off. It gives my face "deep cleaning" and makes it smoother.  It also makes it radiant. I use this about once or twice a week. Mostly at night, but sometimes when I do not have an early rushy type of day, I'll use it in the morning. This product works well with my hyper-sensitive skin, so that is always a great thing.