Product Review | J.Cat Beauty Love Struck Glam Glow Powder and Love Struck Blusher + Bronzer


Product Review | J. Cat Beauty Love Struck Glam Glow Powder and Love Struck Blusher + Bronzer  ($3.99, J. Cat Beauty Website) 

According to the J.Cat Beauty website, these powders can be used as a blush or a bronzer. They wear better and longer. They are fade-free with flawless finish with velvety healthy minerals and create a radiant glow. 

These are very affordable. The packaging is nothing spectacular. Clear top and black pan, basic and flimsy. I would have loved it to be a little bit more sturdy and solid, but for $3.99, you cannot ask for more. The blush size is rather small, but then again, for its price point, you cannot beat it. They have a wide range of shades, 15, if I remember correctly. That actually makes their product marketable due to its ability to cater to many skin tones. The powders have a matte base and a shimmer which is the cat design. It is a cute concept, however, after trying these blushes out, I found out that the shimmers are just over sprays (as you can see on the bottom left photo above). Also, the powders are so soft so it does have a lot of kick back. If that does not bother you, you will enjoy these affordable gems. Me on the other hand, I am not a fan of chalky or powdery products. 

These blushes are extremely pigmented so go with a light hand. They also wear throughout the day. I love affordable makeup that does not break my skin out but I just do not like the fact that I can only purchase these online. I am lucky that the company is based in Southern California so I get my shipment pretty quickly, but accessibility is very important to me.  Will I repurchase? No. Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you can overlook the shimmer over spray and powder kick back.