Product Review | Nars Ita Kabuki Brush


Product Review | NARS Ita Kabuki Brush ($55, Sephora) 

Straight from the Sephora website, this is a premium brush designed to define for your most distinct makeup looks. The striking silhouette of the Kabuki Ita is designed to create targeted contouring and strong, sculpted cheeks. It features natural bristles made of pen superg, and its soft-to-the-touch handle offers a comfortable grip and a sleek, modern look. 

I have seen this brush one too many times used by many YouTube gurus. It took me a while to purchase this beauty tool because it is very expensive, but the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale was the perfect time with its 20% discount. The packaging is a typical Nars black box. The brush handle has a rubbery feel to it similar to their blush compacts so it does give you a good grip when holding the brush. However, it does trap a lot of dirt because of the texture of the handle. The bristles of the brush are extremely soft and it does allow you to create a very defined and/or chisled contour on the cheeks. The downside of this brush is it sheds so much. This brush not only sheds when you wash it but it will leave one or two bristles on your face as you use it. For a high end beauty tool with a very steep price, that type of shenanigan should not be happening. 

Do I love this brush? Yes. Would I repurchase? No. A brush worth $55 should not be shedding as much as this one does. I recently purchased a similar-looking brush from Japonesque (the brand is available at Ulta and Amazon) for $24 and I will do a comparison review once I give it a whirl a few times.