Product Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in That Glow and Sun Dipped


Product Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow and Sun Dipped ($40/each, ABH website)

Taken from the Sephora website, these glow kits contain four metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity. It brings instant luminosity to the complexion with these four metallic powder highlighters. Just layer the highly blendable shades together or wear them separately on the eyes and body for a radiant look. 

The Glow Kits were released probably around spring of 2016 and it took me a while to get them because I already have three of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator compacts which I love, plus around that time I had also purchased a bunch of Star Powders from Gerard Cosmetics and Skin Frosts from Jeffree Star so I had to pass on these kits. However, ABH released their holiday limited edition products and one of them was the Ultimate Glow Kit which contained 6 pans of highlighters for $45. At that time, I totally felt it was such a great deal price wise along with the size of the pans. Now, as the product was in transit for delivery, I watched a few YouTube reviews about it. Almost everyone said that the Ultimate Glow Kit was nothing like the original glow kits pictured above. When I received the Ultimate Glow Kit, it swatched really nice but when applied to the face with a brush, it is shimmer/glitter all over. It dawned to me that it was time to buy one or two of the Glow Kits.

So after a long introduction on how I bought this product, let me just tell you - this is an amazing product for its value. As noted above, I purchased them in "That Glow" and "Sun Dipped". I love both of them, but Sun Dipped is my favorite out of the two. The kits have a sleeve similar to a CD. The actual kit has an extremely sturdy hard cover casing which contains 4 large pans of highlighter shades. What is extra cool about it is it pops out of the palette so you can transfer it to a Z Palette or any other magnetic palette if you want to travel with it along with your other blush or shadows on your customized Z palette. The formulation is a little different from the ABH single pan illuminators, those are densely packed and they have no powder-feel to them. These glow kits are softer and has a powder feel to them but they are not chalky at all. 

They are highly pigmented and they are easy to apply on the skin. They blend effortlessly without making the skin look cakey. You can apply lightly or heavily, depending on your liking but they just look very nice on the skin, especially if you have an even complexion. With anything else, if you have texture on your skin, most powder products will highlight those problem areas so you may want to keep that in mind. The shades on each kit compliment each other so you can mix and match the application and create your own shade. I have never had any complaints on ABH products that I own, and these kits are no exception. I am extremely satisfied witt the quality and price point of the glow kits. Even though it may take a while to hit pan on these kits, would I repurchase? Absolutely.