Product Review | MAC Cosmetics X Mariah Carey 2016 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad in I'm That Chick You Like

Product Review | MAC Cosmetics X Mariah Carey 2016 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad in I'm That Chick You Like ($33, No longer available)

According to the MAC website, this exclusive eyeshadow palette comes with luxurious packaging in silver glitter with champagne gold accents and Mariah’s signature. Highly pigmented powders. Applies evenly, blends well. Use wet or dry. This particular palette has yellow gold to shimmery cool brown and rich dark brown shades.
The claims and benefits include: Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested. Non-acnegenic. Safe for contact lens wearers.  Can be used wet or dry.

This was released around late November or early December, if I can remember correctly. When the talk about this collaboration started, I was ready to purchase almost half of the entire collection. However, once the prices actually came out, I was not too happy about it. I get it, it's Mariah Carey, the packaging is blinged out with lots of something extra but knowing that MAC did not change any of the formulation for this collaboration, I cannot justify purchasing more than one item. So on a last minute whim, I picked out this eyeshadow palette. 

The packaging is exquisite on all of the items in this collection, and this eyeshadow quad is no exception. It is adorned with faux crystals and with a gold trim and casing. It is beautiful. It is very Mariah. The eyeshadow shades are beautiful, but nothing extra special. They have a combination of warm and cool toned shades which can be used throughout the year. The eyeshadows are soft and easy to apply and blend.  However, I am still struggling to love this eyeshadow quad despite the good things mentioned above. 

To be honest, I have only used it twice since receiving it in the mail. I thought long and hard about why I am having a hard time loving this product (I like it, but I am not in love with it) and the main reason is it is just the same as any MAC single pan eyeshadows that I own. The colors may not be the same exact ones but there are many similar ones you can purchase at MAC for $6/each. The price point is also high, for four eyeshadows which is about $24 at the MAC store, these are $33 or $8.25 per pan. I think that is just otrocious for a formula that has not been altered and can be purchased at anytime at MAC. So clearly, I bought this product to get a piece of the Mimi collection. I know this is a limited edition product, but would I repurchase or do it over again? No. The Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows that retail for $10/per pan is worth your money than this quad because I can justify the quality and difference of formulation than a regular pressed shadow.