Product Review | Japonesque Kumadori Collection Blending Brush

Product Review | Japonesque Kumadori Collection Blending Brush ($24 Ulta and Amazon) : Taken from the information provided on the box packaging, this beautifully crafted Kumadori Blending Brush harmonizes the beauty of Kabuki theatre with the superb craftmanship of professional makeup tools. The exceptionally soft touch wide handle feels luxurious to the touch. The ulta-soft natural brush hairs blend pigmented powders and liquids to smooth perfection. 

I was scrolling through Amazon awhile ago looking for the Japonesque Beauty Sponge and this also came up on the search results.  I was definitely intrigued because it reminded me of the Nars Ita Kabuki Brush, only a chubbier version in every aspect.  If you have not seen the Nars Ita Kabuki Brush, read my review here.  With the $24 price tag of this Japonesque brush compared to Nars' $55 price tag, I added it to my cart.  If you really want me to get to the point, this is literally the Nars Ita brush, in a larger version.  The brush handle on this one is also the same as the Nars brush, which is a rubbery-silicone feel to the touch.  So yes, it gets dirty easily as the textured grip attracts any type of oils or elements from your hands/fingers.  The actual brush bristles are soft, similar to the Nars brush only a lot more denser and longer.  And you know what else is so crazy about their similarities?! The bristles on this brush sheds like crazy, just like the Nars one, so I was totally not happy about that.  It is annoying to have to find brush hairs on your face in the middle of application or blending process.  

The bristles of the brush itself are soft.  I love the rounder edges, which makes it really great for blending.  The handle is firm, not flimsy, so it is easy to hold during makeup application.  As much as many similarities this brush has with the Nars Ita Brush, they have very specific use.  The Nars Ita Brush is used for contouring, especially for a very chiseled look due to slightly thinner packed shorter bristles. The Japonesque Blending Brush, as the name suggests, is best used for blending.  It really blends like a charm, especially if you applied powder more than you should have, this will help reduce the cake face and make it look even.  I use it to blend the contour edges and to apply bronzer around the sides of my forehead.  Not to say you cannot use this for contour, I mean in makeup you make your own rules, but you would have to pinch the bristles to make it thinner but it may not give you precise results.  But hey, work it girl! 

The million dollar question, as always: Would I repurchase? As good as it blends, I will I have to say NAH because of the shedding.  No brush over $20 should have these types of issues.  I'm just sayin'.