Product Review | NYX Flawless Finish Blending Sponge

Product Review | NYX Flawless Finish Blending Sponge ($7.99, Ulta) : Straight from Ulta's Website, NYX Cosmetics' Access Flawless Finish Sponge is a multi-functional sponge with a rounded bottom and flat edge perfect for blending and contouring for a smooth, flawless finish.

I love trying out new beauty sponges even though I know I would never stray from the Beauty Blender.  The packaging is nothing exciting, it is almost the same for all beauty sponges, coming in a clear box with some sort of random color, design and/or the brand's logo.  The price point is similar to one of my favorite drugstore brands, the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation Sponge at $7.99 (read my review here)  I also love that it is a black sponge and the color does not bleed.  If you have been reading my blog for a minute or have been following me on Instagram (@happyhr247), you know that the Morphe Flawless Sponge bleeds like it is going out of style (click here to read review).  It is a bright red sponge that turned almost a faint pink color by the time you dispose it.  Anyway, I have had this sponge for almost a month now and it is holding up pretty well with every wash, which is after every use.  I appreciate the rounded egg shape on the bottom and the flat slanted edge on the other side.  The slanted flat side really fits the curves of my cheek bones right up under the eyes when applying concealer or any type of brightening cream.  It blends out the product very well (creams and liquid products) and evens out application.  The sponge does not expand as much when wet, so it does not soak up the product like many other Beauty Blender knock offs.  At this point, I think you can only get it at as I have not seen it anywhere else that sells NYX like Target and CVS.
Would I repurchase? YAASS GIRL.