Project Positive Living Tip #2: Take Risks

Take risks.  Let me tell you something, people are going to judge you anyway whether they tell you in front of your face or behind your back, so might as well do it.  I know it is easier said than done, but have you ever heard the words, "God (or whatever it is that you believe in) will never give you something you can't handle"?  I'm not one to preach about religion or faith, but once you find something to believe in - regardless of what it is - you will be able to do anything.  This is not to say there will be no obstacles, but that is part of the journey of taking risks.  It is a part of life. 

Once upon a time I left an amazing 12-year career. I moved out of state. I regret every bit of it, except for the fact that it took me back home to Los Angeles, where I have been gone for almost 13 years.  Sometimes we do things we feel right at the moment.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Even with the regret I experienced, I took every opportunity to get back on track and head to a different direction, one I could not have imagined.  One thing about life is it always gives your opportunities, you just have to take them.  You just have to take risks.  Embrace them. As the good 'ol FDR once said, "The only thing you have to fear is fear itself."

People will always have something to say, you but once you have accepted your flaws, trust - you will always land on your feet.  Live strong - always.  


  1. I am so thankful for this blog for introducing us several years ago. Your outlook on life inspires me to be more of a risk taker and follow my heart. Your friendship is priceless. I'm going to make it to Dallas soon and hope I can convince you to hang out with me! : )

  2. Hi there, Ren! Hope you still remember me though..
    Quit the job is truly easier said than done, because we tend to be afraid to leave our comfort zone. But I believe that comfort zone is made by us, so leaving one comfort zone to another is actually very attainable. But am I brave enough to do so? I dunno.

    Btw, the red couch looks sexy! Keep in touch

  3. thanks danielle! and of course, i remember you, amelia!


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