Project Positive Living Tip #3: Declutter


Project Positive Living Tip #3: Declutter

Always. I promise you, you won't regret it.  Declutter comes in many forms, it could be letting go of materials items (i.e. spring cleaning), pushing out negative thoughts, cutting off people, assigning new roles, organizing/prioritizing, whether they are material items such as your home/office or lifestyle and other things you can possibly declutter.  

Even though I am extremely organized and a fan of decluttering often, it was a process for me.  I was not born to be an organizer or one who can let go of things, that includes material and/or life experiences and people.  When I was younger, my sister was the one who cleaned out my closet, drawers and any place that has compartments that has my shit in them.  She basically got tired of opening my closet and having things fall out on her head, face or whatever part of her body due to my lack or responsibility, and just being plain lazy and always keeping trinkets.  In life, based on many experiences with different people, different job positions, relationships, friendships, etc - it was also a process to embrace the declutter method. So not all of us are born with the skill to do so, but it can be done.  It may be easy for you and hard for others, but the bottom line - YOU have to WANT to DO it.

Why is it important to declutter? First, it simplifies your life.  It gets rid of everything that no longer serves a purpose, no longer provides happiness and no longer creates problems.  For example (I am going to use makeup on this one since this is predominantly a beauty blog but the gist applies to life as well), you have a drawer full of face primers but half of them no longer work for you whether its because your skin type has changed through the years, they are old and have had them for a while, they only work for certain foundations and you no longer use those foundations that matched with these primers, and so forth - so you have items that no longer work and you keep making them work but they mess up your skin and makeup.  So basically, they are not adding anything to your makeup look but instead making them look worse, possibly creating skin problems and come on, you know at this point you are basically hating on them. Make some room for new things (in this case primers) or use those that keep making your makeup look alive and beautiful. Toss the extras!

Second, it frees up space that can be used for something good.  Anything that you get rid of that no longer works for you allows room for growth (insert things, people or experiences here). Also, this is letting you become more selective on what you keep in your life, whether they are material things or not.  Now does this mean you should go on a rampage of cutting people off? Not at all.  Sometimes, you just need to reorganize and prioritize people's role in your life such as surrounding yourself more or less, depending on the type of declutter you are doing.

Third, it is liberating.  There is nothing more fulfilling that getting rid of any kind of baggage.

Lastly, it is good for you. Trust me on this one.