Product Review | Estee Edit The Barest Blush

Product Review | Estee Edit The Barest Blush in First Lover ($28, Sephora)

Product Details (from Sephora's website): A super-soft powder blush formulated with sunflower seed oil for a velvet matte finish and natural-looking flush of color.  Blush like you mean it. Create a gorgeous flush with this velvety matte powder. It’s infused with micronized pigments and sunflower seed oil to blend seamlessly into your skin for even, naturally radiant color. Powder surface designed with a decorative overspray of metallic pearl that flashes off after your first few uses. This blush’s soft pigment can be layered to step up the color. Get the perfect flush for the barest attitude, or rev it up into the edgiest.  The powder surface has a decorative overspray of metallic pearl that flashes off after your first few uses.  Formulated without Parabens.

Review:  If you read my previous review on the Estee Edit Fluid Powder Highlighter, you will know that this was one of my unexpected finds during the Sephora Spring 2017 VIB Sale Event.  Just as what I wrote on the previous review regarding its packaging, it is a white box with a splash of royal blue on the top with black and silver typography.  The product is in a nice silver corrugated textured case.  This product is beautiful.  The powder is soft, smooth, creamy and buttery - similar feel to their fluid powder highlighter.  The gold glitter on the right side is an over spray, which is now rubbed off because it was too glittery for my liking.  Other than that, this blush is stunning.  You can use it with a light hand to provide a nice flush or layer it for a much more intense look.  This blush is long-wearing and it has a soft sheen which adds dimension and a pop of illumination on the skin even though it is matte.  But its velvety texture really makes this comfortable on the skin and does not make it look flat.  I love everything about this blush.  I also feel it is fairly priced for the quality and size.  I believe the Estee Edit line is currently on sale at Sephora, so if you get the change, take advantage of the sale.

Would I repurchase? Yes.