Product Review | Viseart Warm Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Product Review | Viseart Warm Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($80, Sephora)

Product Details (from Sephora's website): A coveted professional eyeshadow palette that can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the contours of the face.

Get professional quality eye looks with these versatile 12-shade palettes. Viseart’s coveted, bestselling palettes are reliable film-tested professional products, a staple in every artist’s kit, and they’re the work horse of all professional artists. These palettes have a dynamic cult following throughout all levels of artistry. Manufactured in France, Viseart’s proprietary formula is created in small tightly-controlled batches to maintain pigment quality, powder integrity, and consistency. Viseart is the “secret sauce” for top Hollywood makeup artists, as well as makeup artist enthusiasts of all genres.

These products are not tested on animals, contain organic ingredients, and they are free of silicone, petrochemicals, and mineral oil.

Review: Everyone and their Mamas even their Aunties are talking about this palette.  But, as Kathleen Lights say, "Das Espensive!"  Yes, this eyeshadow palette comes with a hefty price tag which is why I purchased it during the Sephora VIB Sale in April.  The box packaging is nothing special: it is a black-brown box that has white typography and the brand's logo.  It is the same with the actual eyeshadow palette packaging.  The casing has a black bottom and a clear top that allows you to see all the shades on the palette without opening it.  It might look cheap at first, but the palette's casing is pretty sturdy and has a good weight to it which I love.  No one likes a flimsy palette just as no one likes a limp handshake.  The simplicity of the packaging is something that I really like about this palette.  It comes with 12 warm neutral matte eyeshadows.  Each pan is a good size.  I love that it is not one of those 18 eyeshadow pans but you can barely fit your brush in them.  I use Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows for all of my shimmer, satin and metallic needs but I am lacking in a solid matte eyeshadow palette.  I used to have the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Palette and I loved it so much but I have had it for three years - it was time to let go.  I decided on this palette because it can be used year round even if they are warmer tones.

The shadows are creamy and buttery.  They blend seamlessly and are long-wearing.  The swatch photos do not do justice to how beautiful they are once applied on the eye area.  I do not regret buying this palette and now that I know how it performs, I probably will not regret buying another one for its full price.  To tell you the truth, I do not even own that many eyeshadow palettes and none of them cost over $50.  I usually prefer single eyeshadow pans because I can create/customize my own palette with a specific texture, such as matte, shimmer, satin or metallic but this Viseart palette is everything.  Well, almost.  That being said, yes I would repurchase.