Things To Consider When Reading My Reviews About Various Products


So many of you have been really kind giving positive feedback about my reviews on a variety of products.  Many of them are not always new releases, but they are new to me because it is the first time I am trying them out.  Before I buy new products, I do my research on them and look at a bunch of reviews on YouTube, Sephora, Ulta and sites like Temptalia.  The beauty of buying products that are not fresh out in the market is you have the time to do your research.  Most brand new releases do not have any reviews and it is literally like a blind date with makeup and skincare.

Many of us follow certain people for a variety of reasons and I am glad you are in the Happy Hour 247 family.  However, I do want to give everyone a simple information to consider when you are reading my reviews.  We all have different skin tones, complexions and skin types which means products will have different results for each person.  Below is a quick information about my skin, complexion, shades I use - these are probably the biggest reasons why certain products work well for me and not for others, or vice versa.  I do not want you to go out there buying products that I love without knowing if it will work for your skin tone, skin type and complexion.  I hope you all find this helpful.

Skin 411

Skin Color: Medium Brown 
Skin Type: Normal (can tend to be slightly dry on colder months, but I live in L.A. which is typically warmer than most place, so it is not as bad)
Complexion: Even tone with yellow/golden undertones. No skin texture issues.
Skin Condition: Sensitive but not prone to acne or breakouts. Parabens do not work well with my skin so I tend to avoid products with those ingredients.  I am also sensitive to oils, so I try not to use as much facial oils or oil based facial cleansers.
Foundation Tone: NW35 (MAC Shade Range), Tan Bronze 35 (Sephora Color Match)
Tinted Powder Shade: Medium Plus (MAC Shade Range)