We are in the middle of the summer season and products are once again being released (or has been released) left and right.  I am already seeing posts about holiday collections, and man, I cannot keep up.  As always, these are items that I am not buying.  I have purchased and have items from the brands mentioned, but I have specific reasons for each item listed below.  If you have or want to buy these items, enjoy them and/or buy them.  I am not telling you not to buy them, I am only sharing the reason/s why I am not purchasing them.  This is not a hate post, these are just my thoughts as a consumer.

Too Faced HangoverRX 3-In-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray, $32

Lord knows I love Too Faced, especially their Born This Way makeup line, but I am passing on this one.  Products that multi-task or are advertised as multi-use always make me skeptical.  I cannot tell the difference whether all of its claims actually work or if it is just one of them working that makes it look like it is a great product.  I have the Smashbox Primer Water Spray and the Skindinavia Primer Spray and I use both before applying a regular primer - that process I know I am really seeing how it changes my makeup and how it makes my skin hydrated all day.  I have always wanted to try the original Too Faced HangoverRx Primer but instead I purchased the First Aid Beauty Coconut Moisturizing Primer, which I heard is similar to the earlier mentioned product.  Anyway, so because Too Faced seems to be doing too much by adding something to an original product that is probably already great just made me decide that I do not need this and will not be purchasing it.

Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow Palette, $16

When this product made my Anti-Haul list, it made me sad.  I LOVE Colourpop Cosmetics - including their pressed powder eyeshadows which I have almost an entire Z-Palette full (I also have own quite a few of their original Supershock Eyeshadow formula - best shimmer shadows, in my opinion).  The main reason that I am not buying this is because it has the same shades the Natasha Deanna Sunset Palette has.  Now, the Natasha Denona palette is crazy expensive, but I really want to invest in it versus purchasing a dupe, per se.

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eyeshadow Palette, $38

Here's another one that's a shocker.  Most of you know I love Jaclyn Hill. The woman can recommend anything and I will buy it (like that $50 Soleil Tan De Chanel Cream Bronzer I bought based off of her recommendation and I don't regret it at all).  I also love Morphe - 95% of my brushes are from Morphe.  However, we are talking about this palette - it is a beautiful palette and you can create tons of different eyeshadow looks from it.  It is supposedly a better formula from previously released Morphe pressed powder shadows.  I think the palette is a little over priced and Morphe does not do free shipping until you purchase $75 worth of products.  If you do the math, this palette plus shipping and taxes will cost me $60.07.  No way, Jose.  This is not a Viseart Eyeshadow Palette with a 20% off during VIB Sale event.  I just won't do it.  Also, I have issues with company who does limited edition items but then keeps re-releasing them a few more times.  The Morphe store is 15 minutes away from my house and I am not about to stand in line at 6AM, when the store opens at 8AM just to get this palette.  This is not Black Friday, folks,

KKW Beauty Contour Kit, $48

I am not a fan of contour sticks and especially kits in general, but the amount of product you get from this set and the price point is not a fair match.  The brush and the contour + highlight sticks should be sold separately.  Also, for the price point - I expected a much more nice packaging not a nude beige colored zip lock looking bag.  I also watched a few reviews that showed how the product easily breaks off after applying a decent amount of pressure.  A big no to this one.

Kylie Cosmetics The Wet Set (From the Vacation Collection), $62

When the Vacation Collection was announced, this was actually one of the two products I wanted to purchase but I was on a "No Buy June" so I thought I would wait till July for my birthday.  Thanks to a few YouTube reviews, I found out that this has the same consistency of the Colourpop Supershock Cheeks Highlighter (Colourpop's sister lab/factory makes Kylie Cosmetics).  Don't get me wrong, I have seen the swatches of these highlighters and they are beautiful.  BUT - $62 for the same product that you can get from Colourpop Cosmetics (same consistency and pigmentation) for $8 a pop - No, thanks.  I would rather spend my $56 on the DiorNude Skin Highlighter than this.  This is way too over priced.  Seriously, brand name highlighters such as Anastasia Beverly Hills sell their palettes for $45 and under.

Kylie Cosmetics Skinny Dip Face Duo (From the Vacation Collection), $34

This was the other product that I originally wanted to buy from the Vacation Collection.  While I still think it is over priced (although not as ridiculous as most of the items in the collection), my main issue is the bronzer is not even dark enough for someone with a medium skin tone (I have seen quite a few reviews on YouTube about the pigmentation of this bronzer).  This is pretty disappointing.   If you are going to release a bronzer and highlighter palette, please do not cater only to light skinned folks.  The end.

Colourpop Brush Collection, $86

Once again, I love Colourpop and would love to purchase this brush set as my travel set (I currently own Real Techniques brushes as my travel brush set but I am feeling some kind of way about it so I am re-thinking my options), but for $86? I think the eff not!  Now, if you do not want the brush roll container, it is $78.  Sorry, Colourpop, that is not exactly a deal.  You can purchase the brushes individually base on what you want or need, but seriously, Morphe's 12-Piece Beautiful and Bronze Set retails for $49.99 as well as their 15 and 18-Piece Vegan Pro Set. Their Copper Dreams 12-Piece Brush Set sells for $39.99.  I could go on and on about other affordable options from a trusted makeup brush brand, but you get the gist.  (FYI - During the actual release date, Colourpop lowered the prices to $50 without the brush case and $55 with the brush case - still not buying it).

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar,  Price TBA

Sometime last year, Too Faced released the White Chocolate Chip - the itty bitsy eyeshadow palette, a mini version of the original Chocolate Bar for $26.  Now, here comes White Chocolate Bar.  As much as I love Too Faced, I feel like they released a ton of product left and right.  I do not own any Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes and I feel that this palette is a mix and match of the other palettes they already released such as the Sweet Peach Palette.  Skipping on this one.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, $54

I have only owned the very first Naked Palette Urban Decay released years ago.  Honestly, after that palette, I was not inclined to buy anything else from the Naked line.  They have great eyeshadows and they are a great cosmetic brand in general but I think after three releases, it should stop there.  I am a warm eyeshadow color fan.  The shades on this palette are beautiful.  However, when I swatched them in store (and also confirmed from trusted YouTube reviews), the shadows look so similar that when you blend them, you cannot really see the difference between some of the matte shades.  So, yes.  I am passing on this one.