Product Review | Givenchy Noir Interedit Mascara

Product Review | Givenchy Noir Interedit Mascara ($29, Neiman Marcus) - This was a complimentary product sent by Influenster.  No monetary compensation was involved. 

Product Details (from Neiman Marcus' website): A deep black mascara that creates a lash extension effect & buildable volume, thanks to its innovative 90° bendable brush. Lashes are deeply reached from the root up to unlimited lengths! The innovative 90° bendable brush inspired by Givenchy's backstage shows is coupled to a unique stretching formula to create the ultimate lash extension effect without compromising your lashes and customized volume. Intensely lengthen, volumize & define lashes!

Review:  This is my first ever luxury mascara.  If you know me by now, two makeup items I do not really invest on are mascaras and lip products.  I believe anything under $25 for mascaras will do its job when sold at Sephora.  Plus Maybelline and L'Oreal has really good ones too.  Lip products are the same for me - no matter how they market it as long wearing, they all fade away at some point during the days so I do not mind reapplying as needed.

The packaging is a sleek black box with the brand's logo and white typography.  The mascara container feels very luxe, as you can see with the silver trim.  It has a nice weight to it.  This mascara has bent over backwards (literally) to ensure it stands out above the rest.  Honestly, the concept is nice but I feel like have to bend the wand is more cumbersome (I like easy and one step process).  Also, this mascara has a scent.  This is a no go for me just because of the scent.  I am sensitive to fragrances and why would you put a scent on a mascara where it goes near your eyes.  I mean, really. This mascara is long-wearing and it does lengthen the eyelashes but for $29, I would not repurchase it.  I think Givenchy tried too hard when they had to include a fragrance with this mascara.  Total fail for many of us who have sensitivity issues.