Product Review | Flower Beauty Ultimate 3-In-1 Blending Sponge

Product Review | Flower Beauty Ultimate 3-In-1 Blending Sponge ($8.98 at Walmart, $10 at FlowerBeauty.Com)

Product Details (from Flower Beauty's website): Easy To Hold & Wash. Use Damp For A Flawless Dewy Finish

Never has your makeup looked so perfect! FLOWER Ultimate 3-in-1 Blending Sponge takes the guess work out of makeup application so you get the most flawless natural looking skin. Designed for precise application in hard to reach areas while allowing a comfortable grip, foundation application has never been so easy.

Multi-Purpose Sponge The Precise Tip allows for application around the eyes & nose The Flat Teardrop Surface may be used for contouring and hard-to-reach areas The Cupped Base buffs foundation seamlessly to create airbrushed look

Review:  Kathleen Lights raves about this product all the time, so I picked it up at Walmart (notice the price difference listed above between Walmart and the actual Flower Beauty website).  The packing is in a clear plastic box with a rose gold backing that you can see through the box.  It is a semi-hour glass shaped lavender sponge with a rounded bottom, slanted top on one side and a rounded top on the other.  This type of shape for a sponge is convenient because you can old it on the curve; apply and blend foundation easily since you can hold the sponge comfortably.  The sponge is soft when dry as well as when washed or dampened.  This product expands just as much as the Ecotools Total Perfecting Sponge (see previous review).  However, this texture of this sponge, while soft, seems to be a lot more porous.  It applies the foundation nicely but it might be soaking up too much product.  I used this for about a week with the MAC Next To Nothing Face Color, which is an extremely sheer face tint.  Most of my liquid face products are from sheer to medium coverage, so I tried this sponge with the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation along with the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Foundation and it applies good, but like with any thinner consistency products, it does sheer out application.  This is probably a good sponge for thick foundations that you want to sheer out the formula and make it look like second skin due to its porous material.  I also found that this is easy to wash/clean due to the porous type material as it squeezes a lot of extra liquid foundation out when washed.  

Would I repurchase?  I actually picked up two of these the first time I bought it at Walmart, but the verdict is still out if I will actually use the second one that I already have.