Product Review | Gerard Cosmetics Mist-ified Hydrating Facial Mist

Product Review | Gerard Cosmetics Mist-ified Hydrating Facial Mist ($22, Gerard Cosmetics website)

Product Details (from Gerard Cosmetics' website): A super dewy and nourishing spray on moisturizer that soothes dry skin and preps the skin for foundation. Use it before makeup, spray it on your brushes and blenders or use it to set your makeup. A versatile and essential product that your skin will drink up. 

Review: I have been loving this local company, Gerard Cosmetics, since discovering them from What Would Lizzy Do's YouTube Chanel in 2015.  I love their Hydra-matte Liquid Lipsticks along with their Gold Bullet Lipsticks, Star Powders, BB+ Illuminating Cream and the list goes on.  They frequently have sales and you can use affiliate codes from your favorite YouTubers (I use "JOY" to receive 30% off, except on sale items).  They ship pretty quickly - mine usually arrives within two days but that may be due to the fact that their shipping location is only 20 minutes away from me.  Their products are usually packaged nicely with the brand's black box, personalized thank you card, pink confetti and the items ordered.

The packaging of this specific product is in a black box with gold, white and black typography - typical of all Gerard products.  I love the color combinations of their packaging - sleek but classic. The Mist-ified Hydrating Facial Mist is in a plastic bottle, similar to their Slay All Day Setting Spray packaging.  It contains 3.38 fl oz which I think is decent for its price point, plus the discount codes.  

I purchased this product because I wanted something to keep my face hydrated (without makeup) and keep my face dewy after makeup application.  There are so many facial mists out there and some are overly priced and the affordable ones do not contain much product but this one was the best mid-point between affordability and content.  The product has no fragrance (which is a plus) and feels very lightweight on the skin.  It adds moisture and retains the skin's glow when applied on bare face.  It keeps the face dewy after makeup application without making your face look and feel like an oil-slick.  It does not break my skin out and it is perfect for everyday use.  I cannot wait to use it during the cooler months to keep my face hydrated and dewy.

The only con I have about this product is the spray nozzle.  It does not spray as a fine mist, but it is tolerable.  To solve this problem, I transferred it to an empty Skindinavia Spray Bottle and taped the "Mist-ified" gold label on the brim so I know what the bottle contains (as seen on the photo above)  and it works like a charm.

Would I repurchase? I already have.