Product Review | Wet N' Wild 10-Piece Luxe Brush Collection

Product Review | Wet N' Wild 10-Piece Luxe Brush Collection ($30, Walgreens)

Product Details (from Walgreens' website): Limited edition holiday 10 piece Pro Brush set for eye and face makeup.  These brushes feature an ergonomic handle design making application. This set features an assortment of contour, powder, blending, highlighting, and eye brushes that are densely packed with ultra-soft bristles making it the perfect gift for any makeup lover!                                                                                            

Synthetic bristles that mimics the consistency of natural hairs
Ergonomic Handle for Total Control


Dome Pencil Eye Brush 
Tapered Blending Brush 
Flat Contour Brush
Precision Foundation Brush 
Large Powder Brush 
Precision Setting Brush 
Blush Brush 
Tapered Highlighting Brush 
Fluffy Blending Brush 
Precision Flat Face Brush

Review:  This is another one of those "Instagram Made My Buy It" items so when I was picking up a couple of mail supplies at Walgreens, I was lucky enough that my Walgreens had it the same day it launched.  I did not buy the previously released Wet N' Wild brushes (the one with the white handles and white & pink bristles) because I felt the handles were cheaply made and while the bristles were soft, they were not dense or fluffy enough for my liking.  I am picky about my makeup brushes (regardless of the price) as I do believe that makeup brushes influences how products apply on the face/skin (i.e. blended seamlessly or patchy).  Prior to this brush set, I have only owed one Wet N' Wild brush (a highlighting brush from the Unicorn Glow Limited Edition) which was gifted to me and I actually  enjoy the brush and it applies/blends powder highlighters nicely, diffusing all the powders into an even application.

This limited Holiday edition set comes with ten makeup brushes, a combination of face and eye brushes (see photo above with brush types on the product details section).  The holographic design on the box and the handles along with the white bristles makes it really attractive especially with its $30 price tag for the entire set.  The handles are made out of plastic but it has a nice weight to it (similar to my MODA Metallics brush kit - see previous review).  The bristles are soft, dense and fluffy.  They are similar to the Wet N' Wild Unicorn Highlighting Brush that I own.  They pick up powder products easily and applies them evenly on the face without making it look patchy or cakey.  I washed these brushes prior to using them for the first time and I did not experience any shedding on the bristles.  Like most brushes with white bristles, there will be some light staining from all the makeup products after washing the brushes, but not so much for these brushes.  On the second photo below, the last brush has some faint stains on the edge towards the handles but other than that, the brushes are in pretty good condition.


{After Wash)

I am surprised by the quality of these brushes.  It is definitely way better than their prior release.  I wish they would make this permanent with plain matte or satin finish black or white handles.  

Would I Repurchase?  I would definitely buy again to give as a gift since I already own an entire set. However, if they made it a part of their regular line (maybe with different handles so it does not look too fancy) and sold it individually, I would.