Product Review | Glam Glow GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment Power Rangers

Product Review | Glam Glow GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment Power Rangers in Goldar and Rita Repulsa ($29, Sephora)

Product Details (from Sephora's website): GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment is an out-of-this-world tightening and toning treatment. The innovative formula peels off to leave skin feeling tighter and more lifted. Mega-targeted ingredients work together to help skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined. 

Solutions for:
- Fine lines and wrinkles 
- Uneven skin tone 
- Loss of firmness and elasticity 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

Review:  I have always believed that taking care of your skin always comes first.  During this fall VIB Sale Event at Sephora, I decided to pick up a few skincare items and these two were on my list.  This is the first time I am trying Glam Glow products (I did buy a cleanser as well but have not used it yet).  One thing I have to say is that this is a limited edition product in terms of the Power Ranger theme but I believe this is available in silver, which is part of their regular Glam Glow line.  

It comes in a high shine satin finish black box with green and/or gold (depending on which Power Ranger theme you are purchasing) and white typography.  Each squeeze tube comes with 1 oz of product.  It contains a green or gold cream which has a thick consistency.  You apply it on your face or areas you want to focus on.  Wait 15-20 minutes to dry, depending on how much product you lathered on your face.  You can read, clean, watch tv or do some work while you have this mask on your face.  It is really easy to use and convenient.  Once it is dry - peel off the mask and wash with warm water after each use.

This product really makes my face feel clean, healthy, radiant and lifted.  It really brings back the elasticity and firmness of the skin after each use.  I know these specific Power Ranger themes are limited edition but I definitely want to purchase the regular Glam Glow silver mask.