Product Review | L'Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Cleanser Exfoliate + Refine

Product Review | L'Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Cleanser Exfoliate + Refine ($5.89, Target)

Product Details (from Target's website): Pure Clay Cleanser Exfoliate-Refine goes beyond daily cleansing to exfoliate and unclog pores for skin that feels smoother. Immediately skin is purified of dirt, oil and pollution, and is left with a clean, clear look. Skin feels smoother. Use after use, skin's overall quality is improved. Skin looks healthier with refined texture and pores appear tighter and minimized. Imperfections appear less visible.

Review:  I picked this up along with their Detoxify + Brighten (which I reviewed prior to this product) and really did not regret doing so.  I use this in the morning (sometimes every other morning) to unclog my pores from any skincare products soaked up in the skin from the night before.  This really keeps my face/skin smooth and ready for makeup application.  It is gentle enough to use daily although sometimes I use it every other day.  The micro-exfoliating beads are extremely tiny and gentle that it is not rough on the skin - sometimes the amount of exfoliators in products may actually damage the surface of the skin.  The best part is - it is a clay cleanser so it does not need a ton of micro exfoliators as clay itself helps exfoliate and unclog pores.

Will I repurchase? You betcha!