Product Review | Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 Holiday Edition

Product Review | Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5 Holiday Edition in Aeris ($48, Sephora, Beautylish and Natasha Denona website)

Product Details (from Sephora's website): These soft-to-the-touch hybrids of Natasha's signature eyeshadow formula are long-lasting, super buildable, easy to blend, and have zero fallout.

These creamy, innovative eyeshadows feature the classic Natasha Denona metallics, mattes, duo-chromes, and sparkling chroma crystals. There’s a solution for every occasion.

Review:  I purchased this from to redeem my $20 gift card offer, so I basically paid $32 and some change, shipping included.  After purchasing the Sunset and Star Palette - I was obsessed with this brand.  Natasha Denona came out with two holiday edition palettes similar to the original Eyeshadow 5 Palettes they have.  However, the packaging and formula are different.  I picked up the shade Aeris as I figured these had shades that I would use more, no brainer there.  It comes in a rose gold box with white and black typography.  Very simple and classic - plus the rose gold color screams holiday.  The palette has a rose gold metal bottom and clear magnetic top with the brand's name in rose gold typography.  I like that the packaging has weight to it - not cheap looking or feeling.  The clear top cover makes for a sleek design.  

Their regular Eyeshadow 5 Palette has a clear plastic top and a white plastic bottom - not my favorite in terms of packaging but I am here to talk about the new Holiday Eyeshadow 5 Palette.  The eyeshadows in this palette are softer pressed that her regular ones (i.e. Sunset and Star).  I have watched quite a few reviews saying it is not the same formula and what not, and guess what - it is not the same formula. It is a hybrid of the line's original formula.  The metallic/shimmer shades seem to be more sheer, like a topper, similar to the Chroma Crystal Top Coat but not exactly the same formula either.  

The matte shade is beautiful and pigmented.  The shimmers/metallics are beautiful.  They provide a nice wash of color and can be intensified to your liking by using Fix Plus and/or a glitter primer.  I have played with these eyeshadows this past Thanksgiving week and they are beautiful and long-wearing.  

The only con I had about this product was how soft the shadows were and could potentially fall out of the pan easily.  I saw Tati's YouTube review (GlamLifeGuru) and while she had no problem with the quality of the eyeshadows, the nude shade on her palette literally fell off when she opened  it.  At first I thought it might have been due to shipping, this is why I decided to order mine from Beautylish as they pack items way better than most beauty companies.  Mine did not fall out, but it was wiggling around the pan.  I pressed the eyeshadow gently but with firmly using my thumb and that did the trick.

Would I repurchase? In a heartbeat.