Product Review | Petitfee Gold and Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch

Product Review | Petitfee Gold and Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch ($10.50,

Product Details (from Beauty Joint's website): Gold and snail slime extract penetrate into the skin rapidly and help to make your skin feel firm, healthy, and give it a glowing complexion.

Review:  I purchased a hydrogel patch from Style Korean's website last year and I really enjoyed the product.  I cannot remember the brand I got so I decided to find something similar.  It comes in a gold box packaging and the product is contained in a cream colored tub.  It also comes with a spatula to help pick up the patches since they are slimy.  If your job or anything else that you do outside of it requires a lot of late nights like mine, you will definitely need this.  Late nights and lack of sleep seem to make my under eye area drier and dull at times.  One thing that is different about these hydrogel patches from the ones I purchased last year is it is not too slimy that it actually stays put underneath the eyes instead of slipping and sliding down the face.  It has the right amount of slime extract that it is comfortable to put underneath the eye area even if you are moving your face around gently.  In theory, I should probably use it once a week but given the amount of late nights I do each week, I go in hard and heavy with three to four times/week.  This contains 60 hydrogel patches for $10.50 which is such a good price compared to the ones available at Sephora for $75.  I am definitely going to repurchase this item once it is back in stock.