Product Review | Ready To Wear Beauty Pressed Baked Essential Eyeshadow Compact

Product Review | Ready To Wear Beauty Pressed Baked Essential Eyeshadow Compact in Warm ($30, Ready To Wear Beauty website)

Product Details: No information was provided on the company's website. However, according to the box packaging, Italy has refined the process of manufacturing baked powder which results in even more velvety textured, highly pigmented powders.  The more highly pigmented means your powders will be softer, smoother, with more intense colors that are long wearing without creasing.  In eight fashion shades, these fabulous velvety soft eyeshadows will give your eyes a sizzling and sultry look.

**This product was sent to me by Ready To Wear Beauty among other makeup items.  As always, I will provide an honest and in depth review of all products sent by this company.**

Review:  I have seen and heard of Ready To Wear Beauty from the Home Shopping Network prior to the company sending me a few complimentary products to try and review.  The packaging is adorable, I love the black white and hot pink colors they chose.  Classic but with a pop of color.  The actual compact is made of a black sturdy plastic which perfect for traveling and it comes with a mirror.  The eyeshadow palette retails for $30.  It has 8 eyeshadow pans and if I go into details, it costs $3.75 per eyeshadow pan.  It is a fairly reasonably priced palette, as single pan shadows from Colourpop, Morphe and Makeup Geek can run between $4-$10/per pan.  Can you get something like this for a cheaper price? Sure.  But brands like Colourpop also uses cardboard packaging instead of a durable, more expensive looking plastic material like this one.  The names of the eyeshadows are also listed on the back of the palette.

It comes with four shimmer shades, 3 mattes and 1 satin finish.  The shades on the top are all shimmers, the first three shades on the bottom are mattes and the last shade is a satin finish (see last shade on top swatch on the photo).  The eyeshadows have a nice velvety feel to them, even if they are baked because they are pressed.  Some baked eyeshadows have a scratchy feel to them at times.  These shadows are easy to apply and blend.  The only one that I had a little trouble with is the first shimmer shade on the top row - it is not as pigmented but with a spritz of Fix Plus, it will solve the issue however, it is the only one that is a tad bit powdery in the whole bunch so it is not my favorite.

This palette is versatile nonetheless.  It has shades that you can use to do at least two to three different looks.  I would say the it has a decent wear time, a good 6 to 8hr day and then some if you use an eyeshadow primer.

Would I recommend this palette?  For a beginner, absolutely.  It has shades that you can use for a subtle daytime look and some deep enough shades for a night out.  It is not very hard to use in terms of performance and application.  If you are a warm tone fanatic like myself and have multiple palettes with the same color range, this is something you can skip.