Product Review | Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water

Product Review | Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water ($5.99, Ulta)

Product Details (from Ulta's website): So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water by Formula 10.0.6 is a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser and toner that can be wiped directly over skin for an almighty cleanse that will leave skin refreshed, pure and gloriously soft.

Fresh, natural botanicals start saving skin at once, unclogging pores and removing make-up, oil and impurities for a clear, radiant and positively glowing complexion.

Did you know? Cucumber is praised for its cooling and cleansing powers, while soothing Sea Kelp washes over skin to detoxify, clear oil and heal impurities. Spotless, sparkling skin anyone?

Review: I picked this up a while ago when my holy grail micellar cleansing water (Garnier SkinActive) was out of stock.  I have always loved Formula 10.0.6 skincare products and had high hopes on this one.  The product is contained in a plastic bottle.  It has the typical large colorful typography (this one has a teal and gray font color) packaging design by Formula 10.0.6.  The product is easy to dispense and use; and contains 6.75 fl oz which is a generous amount of product for its price.  This micellar water does not clog pores and it does remove all of my makeup.  However, it does not remove waterproof eyeliners very well.  I also feel that after a few uses, it has a stripping sensation on the skin.  It does not hurt but it feels like the skin is losing its moisture.  It does not happen all the time, but it seems like every 4th day I use it, that is when I start feeling the stripping of the skin sensation so I just wash my face with a gentle cleanser and heavily moisturize after.  I will not be repurchasing this product.  I have sensitive skin so this will not work for me in the long run, however, I have heard many people enjoy this product.