Product Review | De Prettilicious Eyeshadow Shields

Product Review | Le Prettilicious Eyeshadow Shields ($14.90, Amazon)

Product Details (from Amazon's website):  Apply makeup like a pro.  Protects under eye area from eyeshadow fallout.  Creates a straight edge for shadow.  Helps perfect the winged cat eye.  Prevents messy mascara smudges.  Self-adhesive, eliminates mess and hands-free.  100 count.

Review:  I saw Casey Holmes use these eyeshadow shields (not the same brand) on one of her videos and as always, I decided to pick them up from Amazon.  It comes in a multi-colored box with the an illustration on how the product is meant to be used on the front. It contains a pack of 100 shields but they are separated in a small packet containing 10 shields, which is great for traveling where you do not have to take the entire box and can just take how ever many packets you need depending on the length of your trip.  It is easy to use since all you have to do is peel off the backing and apply underneath the eye area.  You can peel both top and bottom part of the shield, but I just peel the top part and it works just the same.  It has the same material as the E.L.F. Line and Define Tape (see previous review) and it does not tug on the skin upon removal.  I love this product because not only it helps line and define your eyeshadow, it also catches any fall out.  Out of the three line and define products that I reviewed this week, this is my favorite as it also acts as a shield to any shadow fall out especially if you do your eye makeup after applying foundation on.