Product Review | E.L.F. Solid Sponge Cleaner

Product Review | E.L.F. Solid Sponge Cleaner ($4, E.L.F. website)

Product Details (from E.L.F.'s website): This solid cleanser deep cleans sponges and brushes helping to remove makeup and dirt. The cleanser includes a travel-friendly case. Enriched with Charcoal to help detoxify, thoroughly clean and help prevent breakouts.

Review:  I have only tried two solid sponge cleansers (Sephora brand and Day Logic by Rite Aid) - I loved both of them but I have always gone back to using my trusted Trader Joe's Oatmeal and Honey Bar Soaps ($1.99 for two) to clean my sponges and brushes.  When I saw this on the E.L.F. website, I was intrigued because of the added Charcoal as a detoxifying agent plus to help prevent breakouts.  So for $4, I added it on my cart.  Similar to my previous E.L.F. review, I should have purchased more than one.

It comes in a typical E.L.F. black packaging with white typography.  The box has a cut out window so you can see and touch the product.  The actual container is made out of a black/grayish plastic tin.  It is not as packed as most solid cleansers so as you can see on the photo, the product does move around the tin when being used.  However, this is not an issue or a deal-breaker for me.  It does have charcoal smell but very faint and not a horrible or bothersome type of scent.  It does clean my sponges really good.  It is travel friendly.  I do love that it is in a plastic tin versus an aluminum one.  I cannot attest to its claims that it prevents breakouts since you are not using the product directly on your skin.  I recommend this solid cleaner especially if you travel a lot of just want a smaller cleaner with a container for easy storage.