Product Review | Sephora Collection Line Up Makeup Tape

Product Review | Sephora Collection Line Up Makeup Tape ($6, Sephora)

Product Details (from Sephora's website): A hypoallergenic tape with multiple uses for cosmetic application and grooming.  This high-quality, medical-grade tape has multiple uses for makeup application from perfecting winged eye looks to creating precise nail art or protecting against makeup fallout. The tape is breathable and easy to remove.

Review:  I first learned about the "line and define" technique through watching Casey Holmes' YouTube Channel.  She always used clear tape to define the edges of her eyeshadow.  I tried this technique before but the tape just pulls the skin a lot harsher.  I saw this product on the Sephora app and decided to pick it up.  It comes in a small clear plastic container and you can easily see the product inside.  The product itself is essentially a tape, rolled as it should be.  However, it does not have the feel and quality of a regular tape that you use for wrapping presents.  It resembles a tape you would use to tape your ankle wrap only a lot thinner.  That's the best way I can explain it.  This tape does what it is supposed to do, it is easy to use but at times it can tug on the skin upon removal which I am not a fan of.  It does not happen all the time, but when it does, it stings.  I have sensitive skin so items that tug on my skin bother me quite a bit.  If you do not mind a little tug on your skin, you will probably like this product.  I still use it but I have to moisturize my face first so it does not tug tightly upon removal.  However, I will be reviewing a product that I prefer on Wednesday.  Until then!