Product Review | Photo Focus Primer Water

Product Review | Photo Focus Primer Water in Cool As Cucumber and In Love With The Coco ($4.99, Wet N Wild website and Face Value stores)

Product Details (from Wet N Wild's website): Ultra light primer waters that hydrate, smooth and brighten skin for a dewy, healthy look. It is an everyday essential to create a smooth, flawless canvas for application. It allows foundation to glide on easily and stay looking fresh for hours. Compliments your final look with the scent of a tropical coconut, the classical scent of floral rose, or the fresh scent of cucumber.

Review:  I love anything that involves skin prep prior to makeup application such as primer sprays and any other facial mists.  I used to love the Smashbox Primer Water but went back to using the Mac Fix Plus in Coconut.  I have normal skin that tends to be drier during the cooler months and I want a lot of hydration before applying anything on my skin.  These released towards the end of 2018 and I was able to pick up a few while Wet 'N Wild was having a 40% sale.  I was also able to grab the Cucumber scent from Face Values (a beauty store near where I live).  

Since Wet 'N Wild is an affordable line, this only came with a clear plastic seal.  The packaging is a plastic container with a pump.  The top cover is made of see-through plastic that has the color of the scent such as green for Cucumber, beige/brown for Coconut and pink for Rose.  It has an average mist/spray nozzle which is not bad and not overly aggressive.  The primer itself does not feel like Smashbox and Mac.  It is slightly tacky but that is probably because of its 3-in-1 properties of being a setting spray as well.  Overall, it is a decent product.  I do not use this as a setting spray.  I mainly use it to prep my skin or spray in between applications to let the makeup sink in the skin evenly.  I love the scent of the coconut and cucumber.  It is not over-powering and it does fade away in a few seconds once applied.  I am very sensitive to scents to this actually works for me.  

I know Too Faced came out with their 3-in-1 Primer Spray a few years ago.  I do not own that one but I have watched a few reviews comparing this primer to that.  If you are looking for an affordable multi-tasking primer water, this is a good alternative.  This is not my go-to primer spray but I do use it every now and then - and when I do use it,  I enjoy it.  Is this a product that I will say you need to go run and get it, probably not.  It is affordable but it does not contain a lot of product so just keep that in mind.