Product Review | FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer

Product Review | FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer in Shade 260 ($26, Sephora)

Product Details (from Sephora's website):  What it is: A creamy, long-wear, crease-proof liquid concealer with light-as-air, medium-to-full coverage that brightens under-eyes and conceals blemishes and redness.  This is the full-coverage cure to living life to the fullest. This sweat-resistant formula comes in a groundbreaking range of 50 easy-to-shop, soft-matte shades, each designed to pair with your Pro Filt’r foundation (sold separately) shade. Start with your Pro Filt’r foundation shade and adjust from there.

Review:  I love the Fenty complexion line.  I have enjoyed their foundation and primers and have repurchased both items.  I even love their beauty sponge.  So when they released new products in January, I was quick to jump and get them (review for the powder will be up next week).  Thank goodness for a few gift cards I saved from last year.  The box is typical Fenty packaging - black with white typography and artistry.  The shade of the concealer is on the top of the box with its name/number and color range.  The container is an exact replica of the foundation in terms of physical attribute but made out of plastic instead of glass.  It has a nice doe foot applicator that is flexible.  

The goal of this concealer line is to match your foundation shade.  So basically, the concealer is going to be slightly lighter than your foundation, unless you want an extremely highlighted under eye area, you can go several shades lower or higher for spot concealing to match your skin tone.  I must admit, the first few times trying this concealer I had mixed feelings because I had high expectations due to how their foundation and primer worked for my skin.  Then after re-evaluating it, I did factor out some things such as my under eye cream and the E.L.F Powerless Putty Primer that I used with it.  I used it with my regular primer and no eye cream and it worked just fine.  However, this concealer and the Fenty Pro Filtr Powder are not good combinations for my drier under eye area.  Literally dry AF.  I also realized that I really do not need to set this concealer since it is a soft-matte finish similar to my Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer which I love and never set with a powder.  

Let's talk about the claims and what I don't care for:  1. Crease-proof - there is no such thing.  If you have natural fine lines underneath your eyes, it will never be perfect. Period.  2.  Full coverage - I tend to go for a light/natural under eye coverage so I do not care for anything thick.  However, the claims that I care for are:  1.  Lightweight - check.   2. Creamy - Who wants a dry concealer? Let's be real.  3. Long-wearing - while I like a natural looking under eye area, I still like them to last a full work day.  You know what I mean?  The long sweat proof claim, I am indifferent about.  It is still winter time.  I will worry about that during the summer months, if it fails, my Nars Soft Matte Complete concealer will be there to the rescue.

What's the verdict?  I ended up loving this concealer after all once I knew I did not need to set it.  I love how natural it looks underneath the eye area and how it blends into whatever foundation shade I use.  Would I recommend this concealer? It all depends on your skin type and how you prefer its wear.   That means, if you have a normal to dry under eye area or skin type and you like to set your concealer with powder, I say no.  Maybe this will work out for you if you have combination skin love to use a loose powder to set your under eye area.