Product Review | Wet N Wild Makeup Sponge

Product Review | Wet N Wild Makeup Sponge ($3.99, Wet N Wild website and Face Value stores)

Product Details (from Wet N Wild's website): This blending sponge flawlessly applies makeup for a professional-looking finish. Provides a streak-free, effortless application. Designed with a unique hydrophilic material to ensure less product waste.

Review:  When Wet N' Wild had their year-end 40% off sale, I had to jump on it since I wanted to try a few things, and trust me, this was not one of them.  I saw this sponge and scrolled down past it the first time I added items to my cart.  I watched Jasmine's (Juicy Jas)  video on YouTube and she said that she really loves this sponge.  Y'all know I will never trade my Beauty Blenders as I have heaps of back ups, but I am always up for testing beauty sponges - not to replace my beloved Beauty Blender - mostly just because.

This comes in a clear plastic box packaging so you can easily see the product inside.  It is a pink sponge with a rounded bottom, slanted top side and a pointed tip.  I love the shape of this sponge as it is perfect for blending foundation, concealer and even applying powder underneath the eyes.  If Beauty Blender revamped their shape into this, it will be golden.  The sponge is stiff in my opinion during the first couple of uses.  After several washes, it does soften up and it is a lot easier to use.  A sponge is a sponge, and no matter it will soak up product, especially liquid ones just like any other.  It does blend foundation and other liquid or cream products well.  However, after a few washes, mine started to have cracks.  My Beauty Blender lasts for about a month or two so in terms of longevity, this is not the sponge for me since I rinse out my Beauty Blender after every use.  I wouldn't purchase this sponge again.  I guess you get what you pay for in this particular situation.  If you'd like to see for yourself how it performs, go ahead and do it since it is very affordable.