Product Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics Hydrating Coconut Mist

Product Review | E.L.F. Cosmetics Hydrating Coconut Mist ($6, E.L.F. website)

Product Details (from E.L.F.'s website): This lightweight, hydrating facial mist moisturizes the skin and refreshes makeup with an invigorating scent.  Perfect to start or end your day with, or even as a mid-day refresher.

The Coconut formula is enriched with Coconut and Vitamin E to nourish the skin.

Review:  There are a few things I keep my stash stocked heavily: Beauty Blenders, E.L.F. Charcoal Solid Sponge Cleaner, Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum and Coco Cabana Cream, Trader Joe's Mango Shave Cream, L'Oreal Hair Primer Spray and this E.L.F. Hydrating Coconut Mist.  

I am in love with the MAC Prep + Prime Fix in the Coconut scent and this is why I was so happy to find a similar product with the fraction of the price.  Do not get me wrong, I will never replace my MAC Prep + Prime Fix but I love having a good alternative.  So I first picked up the two front bottles from an online order from E.L.F. last fall.  The bottles did not come in any type of box.  However, when they had a sale in December, I picked up four more bottles and they came in the boxes you are seeing on this photo.  I believe they have repackaged this item as the bottles in the boxed facial mists are a semi-frosted white one (as you can see on the box package) versus the semi-clear bluish packaging on the front bottles.  Other than that, the price and quality has not changed in my opinion.  Both spray nozzles on the two different packagings are great.  The one in the boxed packaging has a finer mist, but I like both just the same since the older packaging still had a good spray nozzle.  It smells just like the MAC Prep + Prime Fix.  I love some good coconut smell, although when it is something that goes on my face, I prefer a lighter scent versus a strong one.  

The box packaging is similar to their skincare line - the white and light blue colors just screams fresh and ocean vibes.  I do not use this as a mid-day refresher or a setting spray.  I use this to add additional hydration to the face prior to makeup application, similar to the way I use my MAC Prep + Prime Fix.  I would not necessarily say that this is a primer water like Smashbox or the Prep + Prime Fix but it really is just a hydrating product.  I love the lightweight  feel without looking or feeling greasy.  It also sinks in the skin very nicely without leaving a thin film on the skin after application.  I would not recommend this to replace the MAC Prep + Prime Fix as that is formulated for priming and makeup setting use (although you can use it to add hydration to the skin).  If you are looking for a facial mist to add hydration to your skin, I definitely recommend this product as you can see on the number of stash I have.  It is just not meant to extend the wear of your makeup unlike the MAC Prep + Prime Fix.  It is super affordable plus if you catch it on sale at the E.L.F. website, you are in it for extra savings.