Product Review | MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation

Product Review | MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation in NC 40 ($30 and an extra $10 for the pump, MAC Cosmetics stores and Nordstrom)

Product Details (from MAC's website): We put M∙A∙C Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 to the ultimate test of seeing how long it wears and, not surprisingly, the formula lasts for a full 24 hours! This modern foundation combines a matte finish and medium-to-full buildable coverage with broad spectrum SPF 15 protection. Applies, builds and blends easily and evenly while controlling shine. Comfortable and extremely long-wearing, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother, more flawless look and finish.

Long-wearing, 24 hours
Reduces appearance of pores
Controls oil and shine
For all skin types, especially oily skin
Provides stay-true colour

Review:  Everyone and their mothers have been talking and using this foundation for many years.   I, for one, am extremely late to the game.  This has been one of the best bridal foundations claimed by many makeup artists.  I have never been a bride before so I have no knowledge of that, however, I will be one this coming May hence the reason I decided to buy this magical potion.

The packaging is a classic clear glass bottle with a black cap, typical to most MAC Cosmetics foundations in the market.  For $30, this does not come with a pump but you can purchase one for $10. They might as well have retailed it for $40 to either include the additional pump or just created one with a built-in pump.  Why MAC failed on this important aspect, I have no clue.  The box packaging is a matte black finish with the the brand in white typography along with the shade of the foundation printed in large bold letters on the box.

I was shade-matched at the MAC Cosmetics store, however, they did not have any in stock so they called Nordstrom's across the street to save one for me to pick up.  I was surprised that NC40 perfectly matched my skin tone because on their website, it says it is a medium beige with a golden peach undertone (neutral-cool).  I never use a foundation with a peach undertone but maybe the mix of the golden undertone balanced it out.  I typical go for warm/golden/olive undertone.  Sometimes yellow but it has to be a warmer one.  I was for sure I would be NC42 but I looked like a basket case when I tried it on. 

This foundation applied seamlessly on the face.  It sunk into the skin nicely without feeling heavy or cakey on the skin.  It claims to have a matte finish although I was extremely happy that it was more a satin-matte finish which still left the skin with some radiance and dewiness. It also claims to be a medium to full coverage foundation, however, I was only shooting for a medium coverage since I am not all about the full coverage life, wedding or no wedding.  I am fortunate to not have any texture on my skin or any other problematic areas so I cannot attest to any of the pore-minimizing aspects of this foundation.  Most foundations sink into my smile lines, my left side is more prominent than the right so I do not even bother to fix it.  Same with the fine lines underneath my eyes, there's just so much makeup can do.

This claims to last up to 24 hours, although they did not specify if it included tasks like taking the dog for a self-bath being splashed with water and taking a nap, so even if I am not one to wear makeup for 24hrs, needless to say, this was not the case.  I did a wear-test on this foundation and snapped some photos (see below) so you can all see where the areas started to fade at the 8.5 hour mark.

Maybe if I had not been splashed with water bathing the dog, the results may have been different on this wear-test or if I did not nap.  I do not foresee myself napping in the middle of my wedding or bathing my dog (at least I hope not!), so I am pretty sure it will last at least 8 hours as most foundations do on my skin since I do not have oily skin and makeup tends to stay put.  I also use the same primer every time I test a foundation to give it a fair shot of making the cut.  Would I recommend this foundation, so far I am still on the fence in terms of being a bridal foundation.  Other than that, I am sure this will be okay for daily wear.  Have you used this foundation before?  Did you like it?  If you have been a bride before, was this your foundation of choice?