Product Review | Wet N' Wild Beauty Photo Focus Water Drop Primer

Product Review | Wet N' Wild Beauty Photo Focus Water Drop Primer in Cucumber ($4.99, Wet N' Wild website, Face Values stores)

Product Details (from Wet N' Wild's website): Slip on our lightweight water-based PhotoFocus™ Water Drop Primer to get this party started! Introducing a lightweight, water-based formula that transforms from a cream to liquid texture providing a soft-focused finish with comfortable wear. This innovative formula works to brighten your complexion with good-for-you ingredients including hyaluronic acid to help smooth and hydrate skin; and 60% water content to leave skin refreshed and hydrated. Available in three fragrances: Rose, Coconut and Cucumber.

Review:  When these came out towards the end of 2018, I wanted to get them but I opted on purchasing the 3-in-1 Primer Water Setting Spray.  After seeing Jasmine on YouTube using this primer, I was intrigued.  I was especially curious about being a water-based primer.  The Cucumber scent is lovely.  I originally wanted the Coconut one but since I had a few bottles of the Coconut 3-in-1 Primer Water Setting Spray, I decided to purchase this one.  Typical to most Wet N' Wild Beauty products, this did not come in a box but instead it had a protective seal.  The product is a green (like a green matcha tea latte color) colored gel and mousse hybrid texture.  Once you mix or apply the product, you will immediately feel the watery consistency and it is quite cooling on the skin.  

I love how it sat on the skin and applied however this did not work in combination with the L'Oreal 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation as it made the foundation slip and slide due to the primer's watery consistency.  However, I do use this product as a skincare add on.  I prefer to use it on its own to give the skin extra moisture or in combination with the E.L.F.+ Coco Glow Moisturizer.  

Overall, in terms of its priming properties, this did not work for me as it made my foundation move.  However, as a skincare add on or in combination with a slightly thick moisturizer, it is phenomenal.  My only concern about repurchasing this primer is it is so small in size.  If I used it every day as a part of my skincare routine morning and night, I would literally have to buy this every week.  If Wet N' Wild made this into a 4oz tube and sold it for $10, it would be totally worth it.