Product Review | BH Cosmetics All Over Fan Brush 1 and Cheek Fan Brush 2

Product Review | BH Cosmetics All Over Fan Brush 1 and Cheek Fan Brush 2 ($12 and $11.50, BH Cosmetics website and select local retailers in Los Angeles)

Product Details (from BH Cosmetics' website):

All Over Fan Brush 1: Our versatile All Over Fan Brush features a plush blend of synthetic, cruelty-free bristles and a tapered design to expertly apply an even distribution of loose or pressed powder for a flawless, airbrushed complexion.

Cheek Fan Brush 2: The Cheek Fan Brush is crafted from a blend of feathery soft synthetic fibers shaped into a full rounded fan to gently sweep blush or highlighter onto the cheeks and T-Zone. Made of cruelty-free material with a chic burgundy handle that’s comfortable to hold for flawless application and an airbrushed finish.

Review:  I received these complimentary products in the mail a couple of weeks ago among with other brushes from BH Cosmetics.  The last brushes I tried from BH Cosmetics were the Smoke 'N Mirrors set back in 2017.  Honestly, brushes from BH Cosmetics can be a hit or a miss depending on the brush hair type.  When I saw these in the box, it reminded me of the MAC 140 Synthetic Fan Brush ($42) but a fraction of the cost.  

These brushes also came with its own individual box - a matte finish mauve ombre packaging with the brush photo printed on the box.  At first I thought they sent me duplicates but they are not identical.  The All Over Fan Brush 1 is slightly larger and not as densely packed as the Cheek Fan Brush 2.  Both have synthetic bristles but they feel very soft on the face and pick up products very well.  They have a metallic fuschia barrels which are slightly shorter than a typical 7" brush handle that I prefer.  However, the barrels are very sturdy and since they are thicker, has a nice feel on the hands during application.

I use the All Over Fan Brush 1 for bronzer application on the cheeks and around the forehead area.  The shape of the brush allows for a natural application, leaving the skin looking sun-kissed.  I also use this for highlighter application.  Believe it or not, it applies highlighter evenly and in the most natural way.  It does not leave a stripe on the cheeks, but with flicking upward or downward motions, whether you like your highlight beaming or toned down, it blends well on the cheek area making the layers of blush, bronzer and highlight seamless altogether.  This is a multi-use brush, hence the name All Over Fan Brush.

I use the Cheek Fan Brush 2 for contouring since it is slightly densely packed than the All Over Fan Brush.  It provides a natural contour based on the shape of the brush which does not leave a harsh line on the face.  I also use this to apply blush on the cheeks.  

Overall, I love these brushes.  I am not a fan of colorful barrels so I wish they made them in black, white or maybe silver but since these brushes are made well and function in a way that works for me, I'll take it.  I definitely recommend these brushes to anyone.  BH Cosmetics always offers sales so you can these brushes for a discounted price.