Product Review | Formula 10.0.6 Turn Up The Heat Self-Warming Clay Mask

Product Review | Formula 10.0.6 Turn Up The Heat Self-Warming Clay Mask ($8.99, Ulta Exclusive)

Product Details (from Ulta's website):  Only at ULTA!  Formula 10.0.6 Turn Up The Heat Self-Heating Clay Mask will clean-up your dirty pores. Charcoal grabs the grime and carries it away while antioxidant-rich ginger works to even your skin tone. Set a timer and turn up the heat for clean skin.

Product Review: If you have been following my blog and Instagram (@happyhr247) for a while, you might have noticed that Formula 10.0.6 is one of my favorite skincare brands.  Not only are their products amazing and works for my skincare needs, they are affordable and easily accessible at any Ulta stores near you.

I am a fan of anything charcoal when it comes to deep cleaning my skin.  I even use a charcoal based soap to clean my makeup brushes due to its anti-bacterial properties.  Aside from a true connoisseur of the brand, I have been treating a small milia spot just right next to bridge of my nose on the right side of my face due to a keratin-rich product I tested from a PR package a few months back.  It literally appeared the next day after using the product.  At first, I thought it was a pimple so I used my Kate Sommerville EradiKate solution to treat it but realized that it was not going away since it was not a pimple.  I did some research on how to treat milia spots at home and aside from exfoliating the affected area, I also learned that steaming the pores helps a lot.  So, long story short, I picked up this this Self-Warming Clay Mask in hopes of mimicking the process of steaming the pores through its self-warming properties.  

The product is does not come in any box packaging.  It does come sealed with a plastic wrap.  It has a very sticky and slightly thick consistency so you have to press the pump a few times before you can get the desired amount of product.  Once you get the product on your fingers, simply apply on to your face and massage for a few minutes.  Apply an extra amount to specific areas you want to target the deep cleaning, if any.  This product does really heat up once applied and massaged on the skin.  It is will not feel like a burning sensation just a slight warmth on the skin.  Once applied, leave it for another 3-5 minutes, then rinse.  This mask does not dry as it is only a heating mask.  I use this two-three times a week targeting the area where the milia was at.  The milia eventually "fell off" as I was washing my face.  It was not painful when it fell off since it is just dead skin trapped in the pores near the surface of the skin.  There was no blood, however, you can see a slight reddish mark from where it was that needs to heal.  I definitely recommend this product, whether you are treating milia or not, it is an effective product to use for deep cleaning of the pores.